Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorite Chunks of Energy

Yeaaahh we like Cliff bars, Luna bars, "GREENS+" bars etc...BUT our absolute favorite type of energy bar, winning by a HUGE lead is...CHUNKS OF ENERGY!

These little chunks of heavenly hippy-chicky/chico goodness can be found in health food stores ALL accross the United States (usually found in the bulk foods section). They have been a "dedicated Green, Family Managed Business serving and supporting organic and healthy food stores since 1991!" - AND might I add have hardly upped their prices during those years of service.

So thank you, Chunks of Energy, for being so yummy, healthy, environmental, and AFFORDABLE! My personal favorite flavor is the "Chocolate Almoond Chip" (with "High Country Gorp" at a close second) and Liah's is the "Carob Spirulina" (the original flavor which started the business off!).

Using Chunks of Energy as a lifesaver energy source on tours, trips, busy days, and as an easy, healthy snack in between meals, has helped us stay healthy and energized and we hope it does the same for you!
Kelly and Liah


Anonymous said...

Left on Red Fans
By chance I meant Kelly on a train trip from Springfield, MA to the Big Apple few months ago. I had the chance to hear some of Left on Red Music Kelly MP3 player on the train., it was energizing, creative and conveyed a message of care and compassion for Mother Earth and its inhabitants. Kelly graduated from our local high school in Western, MA and I have had the privilege of seeing her perform from age 7 on many times, mostly playing her violin in front of a large audience. Last Monday I had the chance to attend Left on Red Performance for the 2nd time at Mocha Maya in Shelburne Falls, MA. It was inspiring to hear their awesome music with their creative, caring Lyrics. Liah voice filled with emotion and real passion was a great complement to Kelly versatile musical instrument ability. I look forward to hearing more of their music and buying more of their next CD.

I am also the creator of chunks of energy and my goal with these organic vegan, raw snacks is to make them available to individuals needing the fuel to energize their passion to a more sustainable green plant and finding their path.

Kelly and Liah thanks for your awesome music and I can not wait to you return to Shelburne Falls, MA again.

bombshellcat said...

Hi LOR! This is Colleen, we met at Boswell's Books (and later at the Mocha Maya's gig) in Shelb. Falls.

Weirdly, one of my past part-time jobs was bagging and pricing "bulk" items, such as Chunks of Energy, at McCusker's Market. I remember liking the GORP variation, but it has been awhile and it looks like there are more flavors out there now.

Rachael Rose said...

mmmmm chunks of energy

Rachael Rose said...

ps.. i like your music! reminds me a little of ani difranco mixed with alanis... :) love it