Monday, October 25, 2010

Busking Log 2: Shut Down at Penn Station

Date/Time: Mon 10/25/2010 3PM-4ish?
Location: LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD (Penn Station)
Traffic: High

Today we were shut down almost an hour into our set. Long Island Railroad is a "MUNY" Spot (see busking page at for more info). It was in the middle of our cover of "Shook Me All Night Long" - Kelly was blasting Jimmy Page-style licks on the violin while Liah did backflips off some amplifiers..and a tall man wearing a laminate approached us..

"Do you guys know any 'Yes'?"

..oh, no wait that was the policeman making requests earlier....THIS guy (with the laminate) proceeded to tell us a train derailed and they had to shut down the music because of massive announcements about train schedule changes. Everyone was okay - a NJ transit train derailed while going 15mph and is blocking 8 other tracks.
So that's the report for the day. Sorry penn station we will see you again soon!