Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In honor of Earth Day we also want to share fun tips on how to be more energy efficient on Earth Day and beyond. Visit and click on the Green Page. Also included below are links to some of our favorite eco-web sites for your interest.

- There are 2 opportunities to see Left On Red this weekend! One is a fundraiser for a great organization called Earth Celebrations and the other is a private benefit house concert. If you are interested in going to either, email us at because tickets to the Friday show are a bit pricy and tickets to the Saturday show are limited. We may be able to swing a discount for a limited number of guests and would love to see you there!

- On an unrelated, but highly entertaining note, here's a fun video of us playing "The Devil Went down to Georgia" at The Triad opening for Justin Utely

Thanks for rockin' the Left On Red road with us:)

Sending Green-love your way!


Liah and Kelly (tips on how to Be green AND gorgeous!) (The Truth about the Climate Crisis) (BLOG: Anna Lappe is a national bestselling author, public speaker, and television host.)