Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love from Nashvillias

Hey Y'all!

I am writing to you from Nashville, TN where we have been traveling to write, record and perform every few months since early 2008. I love coming here for many reasons and one day could even see myself living in the outskirts of this inspiring place, which I've now affectionately named, "Nashvillias".

Things I love about Nashvillias and it's surrounding areas (in no particular order):
-The friends we have made here who have truly shown us the meaning of "Southern Hospitality".
-Amazing musicians and songwriters are everywhere!
-Working with those some of those Amazing musicians and songwriters everyday:)
-Time is slower here..really!!!
-Everyone always seems to be going out to see live- music.
-The Musicians on Call program at Vanderbilt Hospital.
-Fido: a cool and yummy coffee shop with tasty treats for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
-last night on the way home to the ranch where we are staying there was a cow hanging out in the middle of the road.
-there a lot of horses and cows everywhere.
-people stop for those white lines in the street. They call it a "crosswalk" here but I'm not sure what it's called in New York..I thought it was just some OCD graffiti.
-big skies, southern accents, vintage stores, morning runs outside with dogs, hearing birds in the morning...

That's all for now but I'm sure I'll add more later.
We are on our way to record with our friend and co-writer Stuart Mathis. We wrote Shop with him on our last visit and are super-excited to jam with him again..he's a genius!

xoxo, Liah