Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In honor of Earth Day we also want to share fun tips on how to be more energy efficient on Earth Day and beyond. Visit and click on the Green Page. Also included below are links to some of our favorite eco-web sites for your interest.

- There are 2 opportunities to see Left On Red this weekend! One is a fundraiser for a great organization called Earth Celebrations and the other is a private benefit house concert. If you are interested in going to either, email us at because tickets to the Friday show are a bit pricy and tickets to the Saturday show are limited. We may be able to swing a discount for a limited number of guests and would love to see you there!

- On an unrelated, but highly entertaining note, here's a fun video of us playing "The Devil Went down to Georgia" at The Triad opening for Justin Utely

Thanks for rockin' the Left On Red road with us:)

Sending Green-love your way!


Liah and Kelly (tips on how to Be green AND gorgeous!) (The Truth about the Climate Crisis) (BLOG: Anna Lappe is a national bestselling author, public speaker, and television host.)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is Liah writing from an Amtrak train

we are back out on the road again

singing the messages of Chocolate Revolution

bringing a socially conscious substitution

for Hershey's, Nestle, Cadbury and Mars

because there's teardrops in those chocolate bars;

Blood and sweat of child slaves

stolen from home at a tender age

to work all day till their days are gone

we know it's true and we know it's wrong

So it's up to us to come to their aid

by buying chocolate that says Fair-trade

October is Fair-trade month and that means that LEFT ON RED is hitting the road with THE CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION TOUR! THE CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION TOUR is an interactively sweet experience focused around Fair-Trade chocolate, music and education. LEFT ON RED will be going into high-schools and venues throughout the NorthEast performing their high-energy, hopeful music and message that Fair Trade chocolate helps build a better world. We are excited to be touring with singer-songwriter GRACE STUMBERG and working in collaboration with TUNES FOR FOOD, GREEN AMERICA and EQUAL EXCHANGE. See above for info on all our shows and stay tuned for updates from the proverbial fair-trade road.

Can't make it out to the shows but want to learn more? Check out THECHOCOLATEREVOLUTION.COM or visit to learn how you can help end slavery in the cocoa industry this Halloween and forever after. Did this e-mail make you mad? Write to Hershey's now and tell them to end the exploitation of children in the cocoa plantations they use to make their chocolate bars: DO SOMETHING. Did this message make you want to buy fair-trade? Get the goodness here: BUY

"Be the change" - Shine on,

your friends,

Liah and Kelly

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life on the farm and other meanderings from the road

Hello Friends, Fans and Red-light-runners everywhere!

We are in nature right now and I am writing from a farm house in beautiful Upstate NY. Here, the sounds of crickets and cicadas serenade me as I keep the rhythm on these computer keys. This is our 7
th or 8th trip up North and it's great to be surrounded by such natural beauty and to be greeted by friends and an ever-growing community of musicians and music appreciators each time we visit.

So far on the tour, I rode a tractor and saw a groundhog bigger than most dogs typically seen in NYC, Kelly befriended a cow named Patty, learned 3 new songs on the ukulele and made really good quinoa. Together, we rocked The Churchville County fair like two rogue buskers on a mission, got to go see Steve Earle in concert, and recorded some tracks with our friends in band Woody Dodge. It's been a great time and we look forward to more with you at our upcoming show:) Below is a brief outline of our performances for this next week. More details at the bottom of this email. Tour pictures on the facebook fanpage: 
Thanks for reading and keeping in touch:) 
Shine On!

Liah and Kelly SHOWS:

-Thurs. Aug 25
th @ 9:15AM: ROCHESTER - Radio Interview WRUR
-Fri. Aug 26
th @ 6PM: GATES, NEW YORK - Benefit Concert for Water For Sudan

-Sat. Aug 27
th @ 4PM Kidsstage and 6:15PM Mainstage: BUFFALO, NY
-Wed. September 7
th @ 8PM: BROOKLYN, NY: Senorita Summer at Southpaw

Thurs., Aug 25
th @ 9:15AM: ROCHESTER - Radio Interview WRUR: Open Tunings with Scott Regan Listen or call-in on the radio show if you are in Rochester 88.5FM or participate on-line at this link, it will be fun with you there:

Fri. Aug 26
th @ 6PM: GATES, NEW YORK - Benefit Concert for Water For Sudan
Doors open at 6 pm, food and beverages will be available for purchase, and music starts at 7 pm (Performing bands are Left On Red and This Other Life). Tickets can be purchased on-line here at a $5.00 discount rate or at the door for $15. All proceeds go to helping the people of Sudan survive through the simple digging of wells in their villages. To learn more or give to this great organization:

WHERE: Church of the Epiphany Episcopal Church, 3285 Buffalo Rd. in Gates. Directions are pretty simple: 490 West to Exit 7B, Buffalo Road (33W). Church will be on the left, about 1.5 miles on up the road!

Sat. Aug 27
th @ 4PM Kidsstage and 6:15PM Mainstage: BUFFALO, NY -
Elmwood Avenue Festival of The Arts

It's our third year performing at this awesome, artistic and environmentally-friendly festival! See Left On Red rock the main-stage with a full band at 6:15 or join us in a kid-centered sing-along on the kid’s stage at 4PM.

Wed. September 7
th @ 8PM: BROOKLYN, NY: Senorita Summer at Southpaw
125 Fifth Ave. (St Johns + Sterling) Brooklyn, NY

Watch as 4 fe
male-fronted bands take over one of the rockin'ist, most sticker-covered venues in Brooklyn: SOUTHPAW! Come get silly with us because the Summer can't really be over and because the line-up is SUPER-SWEET! Doors at 7, Left On Red perform at 8PM, Tali at 9, Claire Reilly-Roe and the Boys at 10 and Andi Rae Healy at 11.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Date: Sun May 29
Time: 3PM-5PM
Place: 14th St. Union Square near N&R

Here it is! You're most requested song! As a fiddle player I can't even tell you how many times this song gets requested every day I perform..2? 5? 8? I don't even know...3x a day is probably the average. So here it is - hope you enjoy!