Friday, December 31, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR (highlights of 2010)

The Year in Review: All the highlights and none of the calories

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Notable Accomplishments:

- Writing and creating our first full length record, TRACKS:)

- Left On Red was written about in several big publications and cool blogs including Black Book, GO Magazine, Lucid Culture and The Buffalo News and received mention in TimeOutNY.

- We went to SXSW and performed at The Red Gorilla Stage on 6th Street and had fun adventures!

- Performing at The Bitter End for CMJ in NYC and being listed by Black book as one of the top bands of the festival.

The CRAZIEST Subway Performance of the year:

Third Place: The Man who believed he was Spiderman and crawled out from the subway tracks on 23rd street while Kelly and I were singing "Sweet Child Of Mine".

Second Place: Stripper Girl at Penn Station - She appeared to be just another normal passerby but as we continued to play "Joy to the world" for a large crowd of morning commuters, the lady with the fur became the lady with no top.

First Place: Stripper Girl Steals the Mic Umm..well, weeks and months went by and Kelly and I continued to busk and tour and work on the new record and we almost forgot about stripper girl; until one crazy Winter morning..

The BEST "We are moving up in the world Gig":

Third Place: Playing The River To River Music Festival in NYC

Second Place: Performing on the Main stage at The Elmwood Avenue Festival of The Arts

First Place: Co-producing and performing for a packed house at The Chocolate Revolution Show with our friends and awesome musicians in Buffalo at Ani DiFranco's Babeville.

Close Runner-ups in this category:

The Grand Central Holiday Fair, Being hired by Brookefield Properties this Winter to play in some of the fanciest office bulidings in the city while wearing Santa hats and singing multi-religiously festive ditties, opening for Rachael Sage at Babeville, Playing at Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs and recording at World Class Studio "The Carriage House" in Stamford CT with amazing players and peoples:)


158 Radio Stations that played our self-titled, Left On Red EP

9 the number of musicians on TRACKS

117 The number of gig we think we may have played both above ground and below - but we will keep better track next year;)

1 dream to make music that is true and beautiful and share it with the take our own direction and make a Left On Red always!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

BIG NEWS: We're almost finished with our first full length record!

Dear Friends:)

We are writing to share an exciting milestone in our career as Left on Red..We're almost finished with our first full length and a full band record! We call it "TRACKS" and can't wait to share it with you! The 13 songs on the album were recorded and produced by Ethan Allen who has worked with such esteemed artists as Ani DiFranco, Better than Ezra, and Patty Griffin. The band we put together to play our songs features good friends who have played and toured with people who are pretty famous (Moby, Coldplay, Regina Spektor).

Since we started Left on Red we've been supporting the band through busking in the subways of NYC. Many of the songs on TRACKS were inspired by, developed in, or written in the subways. The songs are interwoven with sound samples we collected underground. TRACKS includes songs like "The Extra Mile" about being determined to move past the challenges of life, "Subletter's Lament" a funny song about our experiences subletting in NYC, and "Set Me Free" an inspiring song about individual strength. Other songs on the record you've heard us perform live include "The Way of the Zebra", "Gone, Long Gone", and "Breath".

The album is sounding amazing but it is not finished yet! Unfortunately, we've run out of savings so we are giving friends, family, and fans the opportunity to help us finish and release the record into the world by pre-ordering it. Through Indiegogo, we've put together a bunch of sweet perks and package prizes. If you would like to be the first to order a 1st edition copy of TRACKS or know someone who is or are just curious how the heck we are going to make this happen!!!..VISIT THIS PAGE AND SEE. Thank you for your support! We hope to see you soon on our CD Release tour in the Spring.

Liah and Kelly