Monday, November 16, 2009

ON the Road in Rochester NY - Tour Highlights


Buffalo, NY (248 Allen St.

Please stay and hang after for the awesome open mic hosted by Michael Meldrum!

PLEASE NOTE: We are also at Neitzche's on Thursday for the John Lennon Tribute show but will only perform 2 songs at the event. Tonight's show will be a full set featuring Chris Aycox and possibly the new guitar too!!

WE are having SO MUCH FUN in UPSTATE NY!!

Tour highlights:

- Getting a free "Traveling Musician's Discount" on the rental from Dollar!

- House of Guitars in Rochester

- Playing at the YWCA

- Opening for Carol and The Impala's on Satuday night at RIT's Lovin' Cup

- Hangin with Kelly's family eating greens and beans and singing songs in Rochester, NY

We are so excited to be back in Rochester and Buffalo!! Next time we come around, it will be in our bio-diesel converted van....probably in February. We're in the upstate area until Saturday and there are a few opportunities to come say hey!

Hope everybody is well with everyone and we love hearing from you!!

Peace, Love and RockNRoll,

Liah and Kelly

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Web music player

This week we are bringing the Left on Red LOVE to Rochester, Buffalo, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, and Syracuse! We are psyched to re-unite with friends from last Summer's tour and pay visits to DJs at the radio stations that are now playing Left on Red in upstate NY!

Expect to hear rockin' (but pretty sounding) new songs, shredding violin and a hippie-chicky anthem that will make your heart sing. We will also be handing out some free download seed cards that you can plant! Oh and we have a special guest performing with us, songwriter/guitarist Chris Aycox!

Oh, and Ladies..he's available ;)

Look at me pimping my friend to get girls to come to the show..


No, but seriously..HE IS!!

So Let's get together and feel alright:)*

With love,

Liah and Kelly

*Quote from Bob Marly (One Love)

**Unfortunately, not our car but wish it was!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Searching for the Happy Bus In Nashville

Watch Left on Red test drive an old red-cross bus in Nashville..Is it the right vehicle for their Green Tour?