Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorite Chunks of Energy

Yeaaahh we like Cliff bars, Luna bars, "GREENS+" bars etc...BUT our absolute favorite type of energy bar, winning by a HUGE lead is...CHUNKS OF ENERGY!

These little chunks of heavenly hippy-chicky/chico goodness can be found in health food stores ALL accross the United States (usually found in the bulk foods section). They have been a "dedicated Green, Family Managed Business serving and supporting organic and healthy food stores since 1991!" - AND might I add have hardly upped their prices during those years of service.

So thank you, Chunks of Energy, for being so yummy, healthy, environmental, and AFFORDABLE! My personal favorite flavor is the "Chocolate Almoond Chip" (with "High Country Gorp" at a close second) and Liah's is the "Carob Spirulina" (the original flavor which started the business off!).

Using Chunks of Energy as a lifesaver energy source on tours, trips, busy days, and as an easy, healthy snack in between meals, has helped us stay healthy and energized and we hope it does the same for you!
Kelly and Liah

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Generation Sustain

Shout out to Generation Sustain.

On our trip to my hometown Shelburne Falls, MA last weekend we had the opportunity to check out "Generation Sustain" at it's headquarters. GS is a group of innovative, young entrepreneurs in the area who've taken a huge, beautiful space and turned it into offices for themselves and other businesses. Although most of the businesses currently using the space differ in their field, (from computer repair to creative marketing to the New England Farmer's Union) they have something way cool in common - they operate using sustainable and environmentally sound methods.

GS is making a statement that businesses can operate sucessfully without causing massive harm to the environment. I am excited to learn more about the techniques each company uses and how they progress. It is also my hope that our generation and generations to come will inherit this sustainable model with compassion for the planet and our future as a species.

Love and sustainability to all businesses and persons,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Left on Red, White and Blue: July 4th Kick off Party!!

We are so happy to announce and invite you to our second show at The Bitter End.. the world famous Bleecker Street club where so many musical greats were discovered!!

Thank you to all our wonderful friends who came out on a rainy Monday night for our last Bitter End show..We played and partied and filled that place with so much sunshine:) Because of you we've been asked back next Thursday night at 9 to kick off 4th of July Weekend Left on Red style!

We will be performing songs from our latest album as well as inviting some beautiful and talented guests to join us on stage! You are also invited to the after-party at a very secret location that you will only find out about if you ask me or Kelly:)

We are offering our friends $5 Advance tickets at

See you at the show!

xo, Liah and Kelly

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Left on Red goes from 2 to 7 at Ace of Clubs!

Thank you friends for coming out
on a rainy Wednesday night to see Left on Red at Ace of Clubs!

Here is the re-cap:

-We got to the venue and it smelled a bit like a musty sock so I ran out to buy some Indian nagchampa incense while Kelly set up the sound and got the band situated. I think the incense totally brought up the vibration of the club and set the tone for an awesome night. We will do this at every show where we can from now on.

-It was the first time we played with this full band configuration: Mark Bosch on lead guitar, Ippei Ichimaru on Bass, Nick "Yuki" Miscusi on percussion and uke and Jessica Mease singing harmonies on "Shine" and "I can look at the Sun". The songs translated amazingly with a full band and it was so freeing to play with such amazing musicians!

-Surprise guest drummer, our friend Albert Bouchard (original drummer for Blue Oyster Cult) showed up with some friends and hopped on stage for the whole show and made the songs sound huge and AMAZING! We never even rehearsed with him but he is a long time friend of Kelly's and mine and is the sweetest most down to earth person. We love you Albert!

-The after party was a blast. I am still not sure how we organized 20 people to walk across town to the East Village to Yaffa Cafe. If you haven't been there yet you MUST go!!! I love the artsy, laid back atmosphere and Yaffa has excellent people watching, the food is so yummy and it comes out so super fast that it appears the chef's must have psychic abilities. The Sangria is pretty sneaky so watch Kelly observed after getting buzzed off one glass "It's not juice, but it pretends to be".

Ace of Clubs: Set List

Left on Red
Jack and Jill
Ma Grand-mere Charmante
Spanish Song (instrumental)
High Heel Blues
Joy to the World
I Can Look at the Sun
Gone Long Gone
Crash and Burn
Smile/When your smiling


Next show is this Monday, June 8th at 9PM at the world famous "Bitter End".
147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York City, NY 10012
$10.00 door/$5.00 RSVP

Since 1961, many legends have launched their careers in front of The Bitter End's famous brick wall..come see Left on Red's Bitter End debut this Monday!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Happy Sort of Rock Show this Wednesday (6.03.09)!!!


9 Great Jones Street - NYC
btw. Broadway and Lafayette - 6 Train to Bleeker or R to 8th St.
Showtime 7:30 - 8:30 - $7.00 cover

Joining Left on Red will be Special guests Mark Bosch on lead guitar, Ippei Ichimaru on Bass and Nick "Yuki" Miscusi on Percussion and uke!
It will be a happy sort of rock show and we are psyched to share it with you:)

xo, Liah and Kelly