Monday, September 29, 2008

A day off in Nashville

After 4 awesome days in the studio we had a day off to explore Nashville. Our Curiosity and love of all things animal, led us to A Cowboy Town for a Horseback riding adventure!

Our red rental car rolled up the long and windy dirt road through Cowboy Town. We parked and walked up to a big red barn where a man in a cowboy hat was saddling an Appaloosa (the spotted horses). We asked him where we had to go for the 10:45 trail-ride and he pointed us to the saloon. As we walked through the creaky wooden doors, the kind that have been seen in countless cowboy movie, it was as if we stepped through a time-portal into the wild, wild west.

There was nobody inside the saloon so we looked around and waited on the bar stools which were cleverly made of saddles.
After a few minutes Denise, the owner of cowboy town came out to greet us. We filled out a couple of forms and then were on our way. We even got to pick the kind of horse we wanted to ride. Liah opted for the native breed, the Tennessee Walker, while Kelly having less riding experience just opted for a horse that could walk.

We walked outside with Denise and she led us to a mounting block where we waited for our horses, "Express" and "Miss Kitty". Both horses were beautiful and they looked in great health. Our wrangler, Caleb soon followed and we set off into the forest for our trail-ride.
It was an hour long trip that wound around kick-a-poo lake, through lush green forest and up and down rocky hills. We walked and trotted up and down the beautiful trails and had a blast.

After our ride was through we fed our horses apples and thanks the cow-people for a lovely morning. Next time we are back in Nashville we will surely go back for a visit..only this time Im bringing a cowboy hat because I've never felt to under-dressed!

A Cowboy Town
3665 Knight Drive
Whites Creek, TN 37189
Phone: (615) 242-6201

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wine Tasting in the North of Spain

We visited the wine village of Ribadavia. Here is where grapes like tempranillo and alvarino really thrive in the warm Galician micro-climate. We sampled the delicious wine in a stone tavern with friends.

Wine tasting 1-2-3:

APPEARANCE-Examine the color by holding the glass up to the light and swishing it around. (also, this is a good time to thank the heavens for the elixir you are about to enjoy). The thicker the residue on the glass, the higher the alcohol content.

BOUQUET-Put your nose delicately into the glass and inhale. Professional wine-tasters and wine fans everywhere have a great time using adjectives common to daily life to describe the aroma of the wine; i.e. oaky, fruity, perky. I described this wine as having a complex aroma of deciduous rain blossom berries and sensuous Costa Rican beach sand. The longer the description, the more it seems you know what you are talking about.

TASTE-Sip the wine and let it flow over your tongue, from one side of your mouth to the other. Wine-tasters do this is because the tongue perceives tastes in sections. The after-taste of the wine is also noted by connoisseurs.

Cheers! Salud! Nastrovia! Le Chaim!

No Gas in Nashville

They are fresh out of gas in Nashville.
Lines stretch out 30 cars long.
Is this our future?

2 Articles about the Nashville gas shortage of 2008:

Kelly "When will the government make alternative energy a priority?"
Liah "Kelly, weve got to come up with our own Left on Red solution!"

Much thanks to Rosinante*, our faithful Spanish steed.
Rosinante, the horse that once was ordinary from Cervantes' Don Quijote.