Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wine Tasting in the North of Spain

We visited the wine village of Ribadavia. Here is where grapes like tempranillo and alvarino really thrive in the warm Galician micro-climate. We sampled the delicious wine in a stone tavern with friends.

Wine tasting 1-2-3:

APPEARANCE-Examine the color by holding the glass up to the light and swishing it around. (also, this is a good time to thank the heavens for the elixir you are about to enjoy). The thicker the residue on the glass, the higher the alcohol content.

BOUQUET-Put your nose delicately into the glass and inhale. Professional wine-tasters and wine fans everywhere have a great time using adjectives common to daily life to describe the aroma of the wine; i.e. oaky, fruity, perky. I described this wine as having a complex aroma of deciduous rain blossom berries and sensuous Costa Rican beach sand. The longer the description, the more it seems you know what you are talking about.

TASTE-Sip the wine and let it flow over your tongue, from one side of your mouth to the other. Wine-tasters do this is because the tongue perceives tastes in sections. The after-taste of the wine is also noted by connoisseurs.

Cheers! Salud! Nastrovia! Le Chaim!

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