Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is Liah writing from an Amtrak train

we are back out on the road again

singing the messages of Chocolate Revolution

bringing a socially conscious substitution

for Hershey's, Nestle, Cadbury and Mars

because there's teardrops in those chocolate bars;

Blood and sweat of child slaves

stolen from home at a tender age

to work all day till their days are gone

we know it's true and we know it's wrong

So it's up to us to come to their aid

by buying chocolate that says Fair-trade

October is Fair-trade month and that means that LEFT ON RED is hitting the road with THE CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION TOUR! THE CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION TOUR is an interactively sweet experience focused around Fair-Trade chocolate, music and education. LEFT ON RED will be going into high-schools and venues throughout the NorthEast performing their high-energy, hopeful music and message that Fair Trade chocolate helps build a better world. We are excited to be touring with singer-songwriter GRACE STUMBERG and working in collaboration with TUNES FOR FOOD, GREEN AMERICA and EQUAL EXCHANGE. See above for info on all our shows and stay tuned for updates from the proverbial fair-trade road.

Can't make it out to the shows but want to learn more? Check out THECHOCOLATEREVOLUTION.COM or visit to learn how you can help end slavery in the cocoa industry this Halloween and forever after. Did this e-mail make you mad? Write to Hershey's now and tell them to end the exploitation of children in the cocoa plantations they use to make their chocolate bars: DO SOMETHING. Did this message make you want to buy fair-trade? Get the goodness here: BUY

"Be the change" - Shine on,

your friends,

Liah and Kelly

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