Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saving the planet, one salad at time

Today Kelleanor and I figured out a new way for us to conserve resources while eating lunch at Doppio, the greatest Ma and Pop Soup and Salad Shop in the Financial District. We were enjoying one of their delicious, homemade vegetarian soups and a salad when the conversation turned to the ecological footprint. “Ecological footprint (EF) analysis is a measure of human demand on the Earth's ecosystems and natural resources. It compares human consumption of natural resources with planet Earth's ecological capacity to regenerate them.” Wikepedia.

The United States has the largest ecological footprint in the world and we can’t just blame this on the corporations and industry because we can all do little things each day to help our planet. Today, instead of throwing out the clear plastic containers that our yummy salads came in, we took them home and washed them. Next time we head to Doppio to get our green fix we will be helping the planet stay greener as well by bringing our own salad containers..henceforth "saving the planet one salad at a time".

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