Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busking Log 5: Albert Bouchard

Date: Fri May 27
Time: 3PM-5PM
Place: Long Island Rail Road Penn Station

Remember that awesome SNL skit when the Blue Oyster Cult rock band is in the studio recording "Don't Fear the Reaper" and their producer, Christopher Walken, comes out asking relentlessly for more cowbell? (Cowbells played/performed by an enthusiastic Will Farrell) Well, our friend Albert Bouchard knows the skit quite well because he's the original drummer of Blue Oyster Cult. I wonder how many times a week he gets asked for more cowbell. haha. Albert, it was so nice to catch you on your commute in the subway on Friday! Thanks for hangin for a few tunes!

See the SNL Vid:

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