Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busking Log 1: Shout Out to visitor Friends

Date/Time: Tues 9/21/2010 12PM-3PM
Location: 14th ST. UNION SQUARE N&R Trains NY,NY
Traffic: Mild

This day was special for 3 reasons: 1)International Peace Day 2)Last day of Summer and 3)We had a few unexpected friends pop in to say hey and listen for a while. Before I get into that I'll also mention there weren't any weird characters or events except for the one guy nodding off. He slipped down to the floor from the bench and lay motionless on the floor for about 10 minutes until the cops showed up. They just nudged him, he woke up, got up and walked away. Alright so International Peace Day moved us to play a lot of "Imagine": John Lennon, 3 Little Birds: Bob Marley and our newest Left on Red peace song called "Uncle Sam". That was all very cool but there's really nothing like having a friend stop in and say hey!! So shout out to you guys!

Nick Miscusi: ukulele player extraordinaire - he got there in the beginning and warmed up the floor for us with a little "If I had a hammer" Thanks Nick you ROCK!

Kristin Hoffmann: Incredible singer/songwriter. Check out "Song for the Ocean" The song and video are both incredible.

Ali Blank: Stylist for Left on Red's latest photoshoot (stay tuned for that) and designer of really cool T's and clothes on her own site:
(As if all that's not cool enough, she is also a world champion figure skater)

and Heth and Jed: fellow busker friends arrived to take over the spot promptly at 3 and it's always nice to see those guys! These guys ROCK. Unfortunately we couldn't hang and listen that day.

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