Monday, January 25, 2010


January 2010 Islip, Long Island
by: Kelly Halloran

Last Saturday, January 23rd, we had the honor of playing at a fundraiser in Long Island, NY for a grassroots group of women volunteers: IBCC.

They provide 3 services to women in the Islip, Long Island community:

1. Lending a Helping Hand: Provide financial support to procure services such as house cleaning,
childcare, massage therapy, salon services, transportation and financial assistance with medication, wigs, prostheses, etc.

2. CanSurvive: CanSurvive first responders (volunteers from the Coalition) visit patients admitted to the community hospitals. The volunteer spends time with the patient, allowing them the opportunity to talk openly about their experiences, needs, and concerns. The volunteer also brings to them a "Carry-On tapestry suitcase filled with a variety of personal items such as an exercise "squeezy" ball, temporary prosthesis, resource information, A Breast Cancer Journey Book, meditation tapes, etc."

3. Support Groups: led by either a Nurse Practicioner or a Social Worker the support groups run 10-week sessions allowing patients a safe space to share their experiences and gives coping skills.

-They also provide online resources and organize/are involved in various community activities to bring awareness and education of breast cancer, early detection etc.

I feel they also provide a 4th service of inspiration and hope to everyone who learns of their deeds. They are a small group of women making a BIG difference in peoples' lives...ALL volunteers...ALL grassroots. The $800 they spend on services for each client is raised not with the support of a political party, but with the involvement and mobilization of the community. What a beautiful synergy to witness.

IBCC, we applaud YOU.

*Special shout out to Bob Schlageter and his team for organizing the event*

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