Thursday, May 29, 2008

We Love You 110th Street!


“It’s a beautiful day, hey, hey the skies are blue. It’s a beautiful day, hey, hey, to be with you. “

Our new song “Beautiful Day” (which we wrote at the beginning of the week) was a hit today in the subway. I would say right now it’s got the #4 slot on the SUBWAY’S TOP HITS charts…

We originally planned to play at 103rd st. but fortunately an awesome classical violinist was there and we befriended him. He was one of the nicest other subway buskers I’ve ever met. He even offered to give us the station because he knows how frustrating it is to get to a favorite spot and find somebody else occupying it. He tipped us about another great station one stop away on the uptown train – 110th st. So we took the tip and in turn discovered a NEW favorite station! Always a treat. It’s sometimes just as much a pleasure to meet and play for new people than it is to see and play for regulars at old stations. In both scenarios they are welcoming and happy.

Shout out and special thanks to the 110th st. subway commuters! We will be back…

Much peace and love to you,

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